Two for Tuesday: Racism and Celebrity Endorsements Gone Wrong

If the Donald Sterling scandal has done anything, it’s once again exposed that brands who associate with controversial public figures, especially when the controversy involves racism, are flirting with disaster. When TMZ released the recording of Sterling making 15-minutes worth of racist banter, several brands cut their ties with the team he owns. Sterling, who was banned from the NBA for […]

Wednesdays with Will: Generation Y, The New Lost Generation or the Most Overexposed?

The term “Lost Generation” refers to the generation that came of age during World War I. Hemingway characterizes this generation as a completely hedonistic era of people who deem their own pleasures to be of the most important and setting out to progress at their own pace.  Though many similarities exist between the so called […]

C’mon Bieber, That Ain’t Dope

While smoking up might be a socially acceptable practice in Washington and Colorado (both states legalized the drug in November), fans and media outlets seemed surprised over the weekend when TMZ caught Justin Bieber green handed. Bieber was photographed smoking what appears to be a joint at a hotel party in Newport Beach. Oddly enough, no […]