Funny Friday: Songs To Get You In The Thanksgiving Spirit

The most Thanksgiving travel since 2007 is expected to happen on Turkey Day this year. If you are one of the 46.3 million people hitting the road to visit friends and family, having good music to help the time pass is a must! So on this Funny Friday, here are some hilarious Thanksgiving songs for your […]

Thanksgiving Cease-fire

On the eve of American Thanksgiving, people all over the world have reasons to be thankful, especially those affected by the ongoing struggles in the Middle East. A few hours ago, Israeli and Hamas leaders declared a cease-fire. For now, tensions at the Gaza Strip have eased. Halfway around the globe, we Americans can witness […]

Two Thanksgiving Ads

In two short days, Americans will be chowing down on turkey, mashed potatoes, yams and possibly some pumpkin pie (if they have room, of course). Nostalgia and traditions are inherent to the Holiday season, so to propel you into the Holiday spirit, we’re offering two “oldie but goodie” Thanksgiving ads that are sure to get […]