Throwback Thursday: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The leaves rustle on the ground beneath our feet, neighbors place pumpkins on their doorsteps, friends populate Instagram with photos of corn mazes and apple picking and the color pink illuminates the city skyline. All of these indicate that it must be October. While the month is jam-packed with festive excitement from Halloween, Oktoberfest, Hispanic Heritage Month, the […]

Wisdom.Applied Wednesday: Under Armour Doubles Down for Next Two Olympics

True or false, you’re only as good as your tools? False, at least that’s that case with the U.S. speedskating team and their Mach 39 suits by Under Armour. The Team USA sponsors started off the Olympics promising, debuting the Mach 39 (marketed as the fasted speedskating skinsuit ever created). Under Armour even tasked Lockheed […]

Two for Tuesday: Winter Games get High-Tech

When the best athletes in the world gather to compete next to each other on the global stage, the hundredths of a second between them making and missing the podium comes down to the gear they use. While the Winter Olympics showcase some of the greatest athletes, the games are also introducing the world to […]