Wisdom.Applied Wednesday: Brands to the Future

SPOILER ALERT! Because there are apparently people among us who have not seen the Back to the Future Trilogy.  Since you’re Interneting right now, you must be aware that today is Back to the Future II Day. Yes, today is the day the Doc Brown, Marty McFly and his girlfriend Jennifer Parker travel to from […]

Trending News Monday: US Gears Up for 9/11 Week of Remembrance

As the 13th anniversary of 9/11 approaches, the media and social media are focusing on the day. Stories such as USA Today’s “NYC Bridges make Tempting Terror Targets” and news of the US State’s Department release of the anti-ISIS “Think Again, Turn Away” social media campaign are alarming some; however, the House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce told […]

Trending News Monday: Tech in the News

Google is playing Throwback Monday today for the 40th anniversary of the Rubik’s Cube (that doesn’t sound at all like something a tech company would highlight). If you’ve been wasting your day away trying to match up the colors of Google’s digital Rubik’s Cube (a.k.a. the most frustrating interactive logo the search engine has ever displayed), and you’ve missed the […]

Wisdom.Applied Wednesday: The Underbelly of the First World

Amazingly, in the 21 years since the World Wide Web source code was released to the public domain, humans have more than found a balance of living life in the physical and digital worlds. The globe has benefited tremendously from the advancements, but this Wisdom.Applied Wednesday, we’re discussing how disastrous that power—like any—can be in […]