Throwback Thursday: Legos, Potatoes and G.I. Joes

Some say children have it easy these days. Not many will disagree. Children today grow up with a multitude and plethora of technological advancements that make daily life seem very easy. On the other hand, children have way more to handle and deal with than kids from prior generations. Regardless, the one thing that continues […]

Two for Tuesday: The Console Clash

A new generation of entertainment is upon us. After 8 long years, PlayStation and Xbox fans will be able to upgrade their hardware to the next big things: Sony’s PS4 hits stores this Friday, November 15th and Microsoft’s Xbox One hit retail shelves next week on the 22nd. Following the heated criticism it received upon its […]

Wednesdays without Will: Microsoft’s PR Flip

In a month, the next generation of video games will be upon us. When console makers announced the features of their new machines earlier this year, gamers were quick to take sides on which systems they planned to purchase. Microsoft launching its successor to the Xbox 360, the Xbox One, immediately faced criticism, but they’ve changed […]