Throwback Thursday Top Ads 2013

2013: Top Ten Ads According to SJG

As 2013 comes to an end, it seems natural to be in a reflective mood. Some think about their travel adventures, others recall endearing memories with friends and a few like me wonder if the Ventra card was the apocalypse Pop-Pop warned us about. I’ve also been reflecting upon the top advertisements of 2013. Those that paid close attention will note that this year was filled with unique, inventive spots that left lasting impressions in our minds. I was determined to find out which ads were the most impressionable over the course of the year, so I took my reporting to the streets. Okay, it’s a bit chilly for that, but did I conduct a survey around our SJG office. Who better to ask than those in the business? The results showed just how creative ads have become this year. In no particular order, here are the top 10 advertisements of 2013.


Allison Narvaez: Geico “Hump Day Camel”


What does a happy camel on Wednesday have to do with quality auto insurance? Apparently everything. Geico’s “Hump Day Camel” was one of the most talked about ads of the year. The joyful camel became an instant pop culture reference and even turned into a popular ringtone.


Cassandra Bremer: Cheerios “Just Checking”


“Just Checking” featured an interracial couple and their curious daughter who questioned if Cheerios was healthy for the heart. The controversial ad stirred up a mix of positive and negative responses that lead to the removal of comments on its YouTube page.


Quentin Hughes: AT&T “Cutest Grape”


AT&T’s “It’s not complicated” campaign proved that kids just might be the best spokesmen. The lead-in lines from Beck Bennett, the comedian/babysitter, are the only scripted dialogue of these commercials. Everything else is improvisation. You can see more of Bennett’s comedy skills as a new cast member of Saturday Night Live.


Lolly O’sullivan: Nationwide Insurance “Baby”


There’s a strong relationship between an owner and their car. That message became perfectly clear when a giant baby crashed into a fire hydrant. Nationwide insurance even used a “Meet my Baby” contest, in which owners could submit a writing piece about their car and receive up to $2,500.


Kandi Grochowski: Kohl’s “Holiday Surprise”



If you found yourself wiping away some tears by the end of this commercial, you’re not alone. Kohl’s shared the holiday spirit this year when a young couple went above and beyond to decorate an elderly woman’s apartment for Christmas. The soundtrack to this ad is a beautifully done cover of “Forever Young” as performed by Emma’s Imagination.


Ebonne Just: Apple “Pencil”


Apple remains the popular kid at school. Continuing to reinforce their hip, sleek image, Apple advertised the new iPad Air as not only as useful as a pencil, but thinner than one too. Sure, there are plenty of other tablets out there, but nobody has the reputation quite like Apple.


Seth Patterson: Google “Reunion”



Is there anything Google can’t do? This three-minute story follows the reunion of two childhood friends in India that have been separated over the years. They reunite thanks to some resourceful grandchildren and the limitless power of Google.


Kristi Lira: Dove “Real Beauty Sketches”


Dove is constantly coming up with unique ways to empower women through beauty. 2013 was no different. A forensic artist shows just how different women view themselves verses a person with an outside perspective.  The ad was emotional, touching and truthful.


Will Lawrence: Chipotle “Scarecrow”


I didn’t have a clue as to what was being advertised in the first two minutes, but this ad was too intriguing to turn off. The animated commercial was a companion film for Chipotle’s new app-based game. Fiona Apple’s cover of “Pure Imagination” plays behind the story.


Mary Pattara: Kmart “Ship My Pants”


Kmart brought out the teenage humor in all of us when they told customers just how convenient it was to ship their pants. The creative phrase was too good to stop there. Kmart followed up with a “Ship My Trousers” edition, as well as “Big Gas Savings.”

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