Nelson Mandela

Throwback Thursday: Apartheid and Mandela Day

Who doesn’t love a challenge? Today, as a part of the UN ratified annual Mandela day, every single person in the world has a challenge: give 67 minutes of your day to make this world a better place. A bit ambiguous, but I’m always up for a challenge (and coming up with creative solutions).



Nelson Mandela, the former South African president, turns 95 today. I can’t imagine seeing the world from his point of view, but I do know he has done a lot to make this world a better place through his part in ending Apartheid in South Africa as well as his 67 years of service (that’s where the UN got the number 67).

For this Throwback Thursday, I want everyone to travel back in time to the South African Apartheid via YouTube. In America, segregation (for me, at least) seems like an institution that was banished long ago because it was not legal or socially acceptable here during my lifetime. However, when I was born, Apartheid—legal segregation—was still the law governing South Africa. It wasn’t until 1994, when Mandela was elected president, that Apartheid was finally repealed.

Take a look at how different and disturbing life was like during this time:


Nelson Mandela made a lot of sacrifices (27 years in prison) to make the world a better place; sixty-seven minutes is a small sacrifice in comparison. But maybe, today, somebody will take on a 67-minute challenge and turn it into something extraordinary. If you’re at a loss for something to do, consider performing some random acts of kindness, volunteering time to the community or doing something good for the environment (literally, help the world).

For example, during my run this evening, I will be carrying a trash bag with me– anytime I see a bit of garbage on my trail, I’ll properly dispose of it. It’s a small something, but it’s still something.

Don’t pass up the day to do something with the rationality, “I’m just one person; what can I do?” After all, as this video reminds us, “Individuals can change the world.”



Cover Photo Source: South Africa The Good News  via Wikimedia Commons

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