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Throwback Thursday: Classic Movies Reimagined

It seems that we’re under a constant barrage of new movies, with actors and actresses arriving to entertain us on a daily basis. More often than not, I find that more modern movies fall flat, are not as memorable and get lost in the pop culture clutter. There’s something about classic, cult favorite movies that captivate us, and keep our attention for generations and generations to come. This Throwback Thursday, let’s take a look at how some classic cult favorites have been reinterpreted into modern art.

Atipo, a design firm in Spain created the Papers from Characters series that transforms a single piece of paper into a symbol from a classic work of literature or film. The works used to inspire the series include Bonny and Clyde, Frankenstein, jaws, Fahrenheit 451 and many more. Check out the completed series as featured on Atipo’s behance portfolio, here.

Atipo posted a fascinating “making of” video that really highlights the artistry involved in making the series.



Which classic cards are your favorites?

Cover Photo Source: Ryan Jorgensen – Jorgo

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