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Throwback Thursday: From Typewriters to Tamagotchis

I’m a recent convert to team iPhone. I’m not saying that my experiences with iOS haven’t changed my life, but the constant access to and dependence on my smartphone makes me long for the good old days when communication between friends was passing notes in class or a face-to-face conversation—not iMessaging and tweeting at each other. This Throwback Thursday, let’s take a look at the short list of technology that was once cutting edge but now would be better placed in a museum than in your hand.



I have no idea why I was so obsessed with these virtual pets as a child. I loved my dog growing up, but for some reason, having a pet I could tuck away into my pocket was a really big deal to me. I don’t know how many virtual pets I accidentally killed before the battery ran out on my Tamagotchi, but I loved them all the same.

The Sidekick



I remember thinking the Sidekick was the coolest phone in the world—by far better than the Razr and the Slivr. Now, though, looking at the bulky device, I’d be doubt it would work on the network; I’m sure the screen would crack off all together.




A little before my time, but electric typewriters were my parents’ equivalent to Mac Book Pros. With the option to backspace and erase mistakes, this clunky blast from the past was the ultimate time saver.

Game Boy


Hand held gaming systems are still around, with the capability and quality of systems increasing every year. But part of me misses seeing the pixilated characters run across the colorful Game Boy screen.

Walkman/Disc Man



I don’t know anyone who still buys CD’s or audio cassette tapes. There was a time when every car I went in was littered with CDs, cases and custom burned playlists, but now, I just plug my phone into the car sound system and listen to the music on my phone or the radio.


Though I do miss when times were simpler, and I didn’t need to rely on my smartphone for survival, I am much happier that my purses are all a little lighter and that I can carry around one device to do all these things for me: my beautiful iPhone. What technology did you love ages ago but you cringe at the thought of now?

Cover Photo Source:  Leszek Glasner

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