Throwback Thursday: A History of Baseball

Today’s Throwback Thursday, and we’re throwing it all the way to 1846. The first official U.S.A. baseball game was played on June 19th, 1846 in Hoboken, NJ against New York Knickerbockers and the New York Base Ball Club. (I learned this fun little courtesy of a game of trivia with a few friends the other night.)

Because baseball season is in full swing, trivia night was centered on baseball, and there were all sorts of fun little facts that totally stumped me. I’ve never considered myself a baseball buff, but I’ve always been a fan so I thought I might know a thing or two. But after the other night, I realized there is a lot more I didn’t know about the bat-and-ball game. When I thought baseball trivia, I thought of my childhood growing up watching Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa in the intense home run battle. However, I think my love for baseball stemmed from wanting to be Dottie Hinson in A league of their Own.  Since my softball career never took off as a child, I realized that I am more of a fan who enjoys the going to the games and knows next to nothing about the history of the game. (I did know when Wrigley Field opened though… kind of felt like that one was a giveaway.)


Here are just few of the question we missed in case you wanted to brush up on your Baseball History Facts.


Q: What year was softball invented?

A: 1887 (for the purpose of an indoor winter ball game)


Q: Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier with the Brooklyn Doger’s, but who broke it for the American League? (Bonus if you knew the team)

A: Larry Doby (Cleveland Indians)


Q: What are the two years the World Series was cancled?

A: 1904 and 1994


Maybe I’m not much of a Baseball history buff but I do appreciate a good cheesy baseball Ad. So in honor of baseball season and the first official baseball game I wanted to look at some of Chicago’s baseball ads.





I think SJG improved the beat of the Sox from the 1978  “Na-Na-Hey-Hey-Goodbye” to  a more modern day “Rhythm.”


Cover Photo: Christopher Penler

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