Throwback Thursday: Women We Watched

I grew up in the ’90s, a decade that followed (and continued) the fierce women’s liberation movement. I’ve always been exposed to countless strong female role models who have encouraged me to seek high, life-affirming goals and have artfully balanced motherhood and a career. This Throwback Thursday, let’s take a look back at the best female role models in the entertainment industry — pre and post 90s.

Hilde, His Girl Friday

Hilde in His Girl Friday represents one of the strongest, most commanding working women in old movies. Her prowess and commanding presence in the newsroom forces the male journalists to recognize and respect her for her superb work, no matter how quickly she speaks. Not only did Hilde challenge men on a professional level, she challenged the standard for woman of her time. Throughout the film, Hilde weighs her desires for a successful career and a family, ultimately deciding to have her cake and eat it, too.

Elle Woods, Attorney at Law



Legally Blonde is arguably one of the greatest films of our time. Elle Woods is the fiercest role model for women. Demonstrating that beauty and brains do not exist on a dichotomy, Elle eschews the idea that a woman must choose one or another, never abusing her looks, but using them to win her case and secure her career. Elle Woods teaches us you don’t have to sacrifice femininity to attain high personal and career aspirations; you can power through a murder trial rocking hot pink and win.

Lena Dunham, Writer/ Director/ Actress


Lena Dunham consistently challenges society’s convention of what makes a woman graceful and beautiful. As the writer, director and star of her HBO hit GIRLS, Lena unabashedly confronts and redefines conventional definitions of beauty, friendship and love, empowering women to define their own levels of success.


If you’re a working woman looking for some positive, strong role models, check out Hilde, Elle and Lena. The art of balancing life and work, remaining true to yourself and being unapologetic in who you are is certainly difficult to master, but these women do it effortlessly.

Cover Photo Source: Yulia Glam

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