Too Much To Say Today

I know we have been talking about the Grammys a lot; But, please indulge me, I haven’t written in awhile…

It’s kind of a big deal around here, the Grammy Awards. We really do believe that music is one of the keys foundations of multiculturalism. Music not only connects us to one another but also defines us as groups and as individuals.

More than 28 million people watched the 55th Annual Grammy Awards Sunday night. We rallied in groups sharing who we hoped to win. We reminisced together around singers, song writers, industry revolutionaries and the art. We were there together yet with our own unique tastes and preferences. Did you like Adele’s dress? We’ll talk about that later.

But, really! How am I supposed to choose just two things to talk about? There was too much!

The Grammy’s was filled with rockin’ performances by The Black Keys, Jack White and Ruby Amanfu; Fun. carried us on, while Rhianna was doing her thing in red on the carpet,  smokin’ on the stage solo, and then she “be jammin’” in celebration of Bob Marley with the ever smooth Sting and that adorable Bruno Mars. There was Justin’s crowd and camera swooning with his timely reinvention to a retro classy crooner (sigh). Kelly doing paid great justice to both Carole King and Patsy Cline; then there was Mumford & Sons, Zac Brown, Ed Sheeran and Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes joining Elton John honoring late drummer Levon Helm. Frank Ocean ran endlessly while performing “Forrest Gump” fabulously.

Really how do I choose who to mention? Did I forget to talk about Taylor’s opening act? Wow. Really on all accounts – it’s just too much to write about. But here I have compiled a little list of Top Twos. See what you think.

Two Favorite Performances

Bruno Mars and the entire Bob Marley tribute! Loved it! His energy is so contagious – I just wanted to get up and dance.  It was the most memorable performance of the night.

Jack White and Ruby Amanfu singing  “Love Interruption.”  It might be the only song of Jack White that I like to be honest. I had to leave the room when he went on to the other stage to jam, it was just too loud. It felt like he was screaming at me. But this duet was breathtaking. Ruby is the star! Then of course there is the whole f-word controversy, but whatever, I didn’t notice. Let’s go on to the other categories.

Two Surprise Wins

Gotye / Kimbra – Record of the Year “Somebody That I Used to Know”

The song that won the title won me over in December of 2011 when it was a Kimbra cover available on Spotify, before anyone knew who Gotye was. In January, Making Mirrors came out and it was impressive. I saw them here in Chicago last year. It was as excellent concert. Other songs on the record stick out to me; “I Feel Better” comes to mind, and I still enjoy hearing them, while “Somebody That I Used to Know” has become a bit tiresome. Mark was right. Here is one of my favorites from the album.



Kelly Clarkson – Best Pop Vocal Album

I love Kelly! I have been finding myself talking about her a lot. Do you remember that she was the first American Idol winner? She has done so well staying true to her gift: herself. I always appreciate when a person understands his/her influence. Kelly has always been authentic, humble and honest. All of that was apparent in her acceptance speech as was her gushing over her fella. Sweet.


Two Best Dressed


She was stunning in everything she wore, but her red carpet frock showed a sweet, sultry, elegant side of her that I don’t recall seeing before. Rhianna impressed me throughout the night with the risk of presenting herself as a vintage Hollywood beauty letting her vocals be the main star.

I am not impressed, however, considering her influence, that she would put herself at risk again with her canoodling lover. Funny how people forget how much “love” can hurt.  Flashback Pre-Grammy night 2009. Maybe they are taking Jack’s lyrics too seriously.

Taylor Swift

Oh the lovely ethereal Taylor! She’s a doll. Admit it – your hatred for her is because you are jealous.

She too seems to be trying a little stretch of costuming and reinvention, starting off as the glitzy ring master of a wonderland circus – she was the ideal lead. The rest of the night she just glided about in the flattering Grecian gold and white number. Our Martha was right about her.

Two Worst Dressed


So glad she won for her “Set Fire To the Rain,” she deserved it; but, someone might want to set fire to that dress. I thought it did nothing for her except make her look like a ginormous throw pillow. She’s great in every other way. I adore her, really – just didn’t like the dress. Sorry.


I just hate to even put this here as Florence is my girl!  But, what the heck was up with the dinosaur dress!? I am so used to seeing her in the long, gauzy gypsy types of thing that – what can I say?  She looked pointy and angry and scaly. The color rocked – especially with her lovely locks and I might have even liked it without the scales and horns. But it did have scales and horns and it was far from her best look… Am I being mean?


Two Cutest Couples

Beyonce and Jay-Z

Beyonce has been on my mind since the Super Bowl. Dang that lady is talented, smart and business savvy. She is a powerful woman on her own, but with her hubby, they are a serious force. I love their ease together – they’re just cool. They don’t need to try and impress anyone. They just do.  Won’t it be nice if they stay together for a long time, had some nice kids and used their power and influence to change the world? Here’s hopin’!

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

These two had a great time at the awards!  Did you see them?  Their story is a sweet one.  I am always glad to see a tall woman being comfortable in her skin.  Keith obviously doesn’t have any issue with his willowy wife standing by his side in her full 5’10″ (plus heals) presence.  She always looked really awkward next to Tom.  But these two are comfortable and adorable in every way.

So that is my Grammy wrap up! Thanks for letting me share. Let me know if you think I was way off in my opinions – I am always up for a good debate.

Oh, and may I just say, I am thrilled to not have to make an angry call about the “Maybe” song.

Thankfully, there is still a level of integrity and justice when doling out trophies.

Cover Photo Source: swagan via Flickr

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