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Trending News Monday: Shocking Weekend Stories

The news can be as unpredictable as a March Madness bracket. No one in the world—at least no one who filled out a bracket this year—predicted tonight’s National Basketball Championship match-up: Kentucky (8) against UConn (7). As such, this Trending News Monday we’re touching on two of the weekend’s most shocking news stories (aside from Kentucky beating Wisconsin in the final seconds).

Mickey Rooney Dies at 93

Although they’re certainly warranted, the words “legend,” “actor” and “entertainer” all seem sound somewhat inadequate when used to describe Mickey Rooney, whose Hollywood career spanned nine decades. Getting his start in silent films in 1926, Rooney saw the evolution of the film business first-handed as he worked as an actor until his death, yesterday. According to the Internet Movie Database, Rooney was currently working on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

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Australian Authorities Detect “Pings”

After almost a month of searching for the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, Australian authorities announced that they believe they’re close to finding the plane. Officials are currently investigating “pings,” which they believe are coming from Flight 370’s black boxes. While this is the biggest leads investigators have had in weeks, they need to move fast because the batteries have a lifespan of about a month. If found, the black boxes could answer the questions as to what actually happened to Flight 370.

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