Brands and Fans Pay Their #Re2pect

Trending News Monday: Brands and Fans Pay Their #Re2pect

As the national pastime, baseball pulls at the heartstrings of Americans everywhere. Teams become the source of pride; players become heroes. “Baseball creates legends,” at least according to the classic video game, Triple Play ’99. And over the weekend, one of those legends hung up his cleats for good. This Trending News Monday, like many others, we’re paying our #Re2pect to one of the greatest who ever played, Derek Jeter.

After a storybook ending at Yankee Stadium last Thursday, Jeter could have walked away from the game and no one would have blamed him. After all, Hollywood couldn’t have even scripted his walk off single (it’d be too unbelievable). But in true Jeter fashion, he finished out the season (despite having no chance of leading his team to the post season) in Boston. The Red Sox and Yankees have one of the greatest (and long lasting) rivalries in sports history, but yesterday both franchises and their fans came together to honor number 2 before Jeter played his last game in the MLB.

Jeter played his entire career with the New York Yankees, but he managed to gain fans throughout the entire country. How? Simply, respect or (#re2pect, if you will). Playing a game as a professional athlete is one thing, respecting the game (enough so that fans and spectators recognize it) is a completely different thing. In a day and age where sports super stars are making more money than they ever have (even when they under perform) and jeopardize it with conduct both on and off the field, finding talented players that truly respect their craft is far from the norm. That’s why when they come around, their play is pretty inspiring.

For 20 years, Jeter excelled in a Yankees uniform, earning five World Series championships and 14 trips to the All Star game. The Captain faced adversity (as any champion does), but he remained consistent, both with his game and with his character. Jeter has said it himself that he’s never been about the numbers, but his numbers, nonetheless, are pretty impeccable: he’s retiring with a career batting average of .310, 2,660 starts, 3,465 hits and 1,923 runs scored. His accolades pretty much speak for themselves. Jeter’s a once-in-a-lifetime kind of player, and those who’ve been able to witness him, respect his abilities.

Brands and fans alike have tipped their hats to the short stop, and what began as a campaign for Nike’s Jordan line, became the trending tribute on Twitter this weekend. Take a look at how some have paid their #Re2pect to the captain.


The Monster:


The Fans at Fenway:


Far well, Captain.

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