Spain Train Crash

Trending News Monday: Driver Charged in Train Crash

Happy trending news Monday!

If you were caught up enjoying baseball, hot dogs and apple pie this weekend and missed the hot headlines, have no fear. Today, Our Space brings you some of this weekend’s top news stories.

Train Crash Driver Charged

Yesterday, Francisco Jose Garzon Amo was charged with negligent homicide–the train he was operating last week derailed and killed 79 people, including one American. Authorities believe the fatal wreck could have been avoided had the operator obeyed the speed limits. Garzon was allegedly traveling more than twice the speed limit when the train crashed into a cement wall near Santiago de Compostela, Spain, reports

At least 20 passengers are still in critical condition.

After charging him, the judged released Garzon, who will appear in court weekly, surrender his passport and will not be allowed to operate trains for at least six months.

Pope Francis Speaks on Homosexuality

Our Space Pope Francis in March 2013

From the sounds of it, Pope Francis won’t cast the first stone. On the contrary, the Pope seems to be building the foundation for Catholic acceptance of homosexuality in society.

On his way back from his week-long trip to Brazil, Pope Francis told the press that society should not ostracize gay people; rather, they should welcome them into the community.

“If a person is gay and seeks God and has good will, who am I to judge him? The problem is not having this orientation,” said Pope Francis to Reuters.


Anthony Weiner Scandal, Candidate Drops in Polls

Our Space WeinerTwo years ago, U.S. Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY) resigned from office following a Twitter scandal where he sent sexually explicit photos to a 21-year-old woman in Seattle. Now, Anthony Weiner’s affairs have him is back in the public eye as he runs mayor in New York City.

Last week, news broke that Weiner was involved in another sexting scandal, and he has since dropped to fourth in the polls. Instead of throwing in the towel, however, Weiner will continue to campaign with the public support of his wife.

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