iPhone 6 boosts Apple Sales

Trending News Monday: iPhone 6 boosts Apple Sales

Well if Samsung was worried about the iPhone 6, they had just cause. This Trending News Monday, we’re telling you why.

The iPhone 6 is bigger, indeed. In the first three days of the new iPhone release, Apple sold more than 10 million iPhone 6 and 6 pluses–breaking the Apple record. Last year, the tech giant sold nine million iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c units. As iPhones make up the majority of Apple’s revenue, making up 70 percent of its profits, this comes as good news. The new, more durable phones have obviously proved popular with consumers.

Although Apple didn’t release sales figures for each model, “companies that tracks online usage of the two phones show the iPhone 6 in the lead,” according to CNET.

Apple hit record sales despite having to delay the release of the new models in China, as regulators have not yet approved the devices. (Because of this, the Chinese black market is seeing iPhone 6 devices selling for ten times the U.S. price, according to the Washington Post).

In addition to the iPhone 6 release, Apple will continue to sell the iPhone 5C to consumers (without making any upgrades or changes to the units) for a lower cost. This way, Apple can keep its hold on the market.

The iPhones should keep Apple consumers busy until the new year, when the Apple Watch hits the market.

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