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Trending News Monday: NBA Investigates LA Clipper’s Owner

As we approach May, sports fans have a plethora of things to cheer for: the NBA and NHL playoffs have begun; the MLB is in full swing, the NFL draft is around the corner and the World Cup follows in June. The buzz surrounding professional sports has increased as well. Despite an impressive comeback by the Blackhawks who knocked the St. Louis Blues out of the playoffs after Chicago started the series 0-2, a heated win for the Bull’s where Jimmy Butler was butted in the head and a walk off grand slam for the Chicago White Sox, much of the weekend’s sports news involved the LA Clipper’s and their owner’s controversial comments—the subject for this Trending News Monday.

Friday night, TMZ released a recording of Donald Sterling, who has owned the LA Clippers since 1981, arguing with his girlfriend, V. (Vivian) Stiviano. The 15-minute clip was a part of a conversation where Sterling argued with Stiviano over her Instagram—specifically a picture Stiviano took with Magic Johnson. During the recording, Sterling makes several racist comments, insisting Stiviano not publicize her association with African American people.

Reactions to the tape were immediate and widespread. Even President Obama commented on the issue from Malaysia, calling the comments “ignorant.” Michel Jordan, former Chicago Bulls star and current Charlotte Bobcats owner reported being “disgusted” and “outraged” by the comments. Magic Johnson, who was featured in the Instagram photo with Stiviano claims that he would be interested in buying the LA Clippers (valued at $575 million) from Sterling, but he doesn’t know if Sterling is interested in selling. If he does chose to, Sterling could sell the Clippers for over $1 billion.

Since TMZ released the recording Kia and State Farm have suspended their contracts with the team. Other brands, including CarMax and Virgin America have ended their relationship with the team altogether.

While several have reacted unsympathetically toward’s Sterling by distancing themselves from the owner and condemning his comments, earlier today, the NAACP announced that they are willing to forgive Sterling. The organization has been working with Sterling for over 20 years, and they believe “there is room for forgiveness.

The NBA has been investigating Sterling, urging him to keep a low profile before they make their decision on how to proceed. Tomorrow, the NBA will announce their plans to deal with Sterling’s comments during a press conference.

Currently, the Clippers are tied 2-2 in the first round playoff series against the Golden State Warriors. They play tomorrow night at 9:30 PM Central Time.

How do you think the NBA and the LA Clipper’s sponsors and partners should proceed?

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