Johnny Football Weekend

Trending News Monday: Jam Packed Weekend Roundup

Talk about a jam packed weekend: many colleges and universities held graduation ceremonies, people celebrated their mothers, college athletes were drafted into the NFL and Solange Knowles physically accosted Jay-Z. I know that’s a lot to take in all at once, so this Trending News Monday, let’s talk about three trending topics on Twitter.

Solange Knowles

Never in your life have you wished that security surveillance footage could also broadcast sound… that is until you saw the clip of Solange Knowles physically assault Jay-Z, her brother-in-law, in an elevator after the Met Gala this weekend. As Beyonce stands idly by, moving only to adjust her dress, Jay-Z’s body guard restrains Solange from moving within an arms length of Jay-Z, while she kicks (and we assume screams) to try and break free. The most hilarious aspect of this situation isn’t that we don’t know what is said between the two, but people’s attempts to fill in the blanks. What could Jay-Z possibly have said to Solange to make her so angry? Twitter is here to answer all your burning questions. Beyonce and Solange promised to “always be tight” when they recorded the introduction song to The Disney Channel’s show The Proud Family… too bad this display wasn’t exactly a proud moment for the sisters.

Bring Home Our Girls

This weekend, another video of the 100 kidnapped Nigerian girls was released. Last month, the school girls were abducted by a terrorist group. The leader of the terror organization, Abubakar Shekau is willing to trade the girls for currently imprisoned military members. The latest video of the girls shows about 100 of them wearing a traditional hijab, reading prayers and verses from the Quran, as they praise Allah and ask for his protection and their freedom. This most recent development follows the U.S. giving their aid to the girls and several celebrities like Michelle Obama and Emma Watson have shown their support for the girls on social media, making the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls a trending topic worldwide.

Draft Day: Johnny Football, Michael Sam and More

The NFL welcomed some young, fresh faces this week after 256 were drafted–and social media didn’t sleep on the drafting madness. Some decisions were applauded, others, not so much. Cleveland Browns fans reacted with a wide range of emotions when the team drafted Texas A&M QB, Johnny Manziel (aka Johnny Football) to displace Vince Young. Detractors worry Manziel’s partying and offensive style won’t translate well into the NFL. While Johnny Football came under some fire, social media (for the most part and including President Obama) reacted very positively when the St. Louis Rams drafted Michael Sam. The Missouri Trigger made headlines in February when he came out to the public. Now Sam is the first openly-gay player drafted into the NFL, and the league is showing its support. Visit the Bleacher Report or more NFL draft headlines.

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