Twitter has the #Papal Blessing, but Daniel Radcliffe’s still holding out

Last week, Daniel Radcliffe shocked the social media realm by actually creating a profile on Google+. Despite his international mega stardom, Radcliffe has been reluctant to create online profiles, but after a series of impostors created and maintained fake profiles on Facebook and Twitter, he decided to make an official profile to connect with his fans.

While Radcliffe won’t use his profile to let followers know what he’s eating for dinner or watching on the telly, he will post about upcoming projects. The former Harry Potter star is not the only surprising “friend” welcomed to the world of social media, Pope Benedict XVI is set to post his first tweet on December 12.

The Head of the Catholic Church, under the Twitter handle @pontifex (meaning Pope bridge builder) will compose spiritual based messages (or in 140 characters or less, papal proverbs if you will).

Senior Media Advisor to the Vatican, Greg Burke, told Reuters that “all the pope’s tweets are the pope’s words.”

The 85 year old pope, who has tweeted from the Vatican’s twitter account, will christen his new, very own handle with a Q&A midday on December 12.

While Radcliffe expressed that Google+ will be his only move into the web’s social sphere (for now), Pope Benedict has set up a YouTube channel and a website.

Cover Photo Source: Jean-Pol GRANDMONT via Wikimedia Commons
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