Two Creative PSAs for Tuesday

The soap operas of advertising, Public Service Announcements (PSAs) are actually some of the most interesting and memorable creative spots out there.

Since the Ad Council was formed during World War II (then known as the War Advertising Council), PSAs have been able to provide quick, educational and informative content, quickly to a wide audience. With that description, that doesn’t sound like a springboard for creativity, but PSAs have evolved in both topics and tactics. This Two for Tuesday, let’s break down two current creative PSA campaigns.


SAAQ – “Cable”



Perhaps not everyone makes it to stage 6 of Kohlberg’s Moral Values, but cause and effect is a pretty easy principle to understand. Unfortunately, people often forget how much one poor decision can effect so many other things. The idea in this PSA is simple: one bad decision can cause a slippery slope in which everything that happens is tied to just one choice. The ad is compelling, thought-provoking and powerful, making it an effective PSA. The spot, at any rate, is pretty sobering.


US Food and Drug Administration – “Real Cost: Your Teeth”


The “Real Cost” campaign launched earlier this year and stresses the “real costs” of smoking are more than monetary. Through this spot as well as their “Your Skin” spot, the US Food and Drug Administration pretty effectively uses a bit of gore and imagery as a scare tactic to get people (especially teens) to refrain from smoking.


Do you think these PSAs are effective? Tell us in the comments.

Cover Photo Source: Mopic

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