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Two For Tuesday: Ads Inspiring Through the Uninspired

A lot of clutter exists on the Internet. The terabytes of data users submit to the abyss of the World Wide Web seems to expand exponentially—directly proportional to the amount of time users are spending online. The ease with which people can produce content for blogs, websites and social media channels removes all of the creativity and more often than not produces “nontent” instead of engaging content. This Two for Tuesday, let’s take a look at two ads that make light of the uninspiring clutter that’s waiting for you to scroll past on your newsfeed.

Cannes Lion 

Corny stock imagery is the bane of creative production. With the themes of photo sessions being so generic that they’re almost corny and hilarious for the wrong reasons, generic stock imagery has a stale aesthetic that is almost tangible; it’s more recognizable than any copy or branding attached to it. Cannes Lion poked fun at this hilarious lack of originality by producing five ads that were staged to appear like boring, generic, stale stock photos. With well-known ad execs posing in exaggerated celebratory poses, the ad promises that attendees will return from Cannes just as excited as stock photo models.

Taco Bell 

Taco Bell has made a bold, unapologetic splash with its new waffle sandwich. Firing shots at McDonald’s in advertisements and experiencing stiff competition from White Castle’s Belgian Waffle Sandwich, Taco Bell has pulled out all the stops in its marketing efforts for the new breakfast menu item. Instagram ads found their way into Taco Bell’s marketing mix for the first time along with its already stellar social media engagement. Unlike other ads on the platform, each of Taco Bell’s Instagram ads looks like just another typical photo in the newsfeed until viewers take a closer look.

Cover Photo Source: mast3r

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