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Two for Tuesday: The Console Clash

A new generation of entertainment is upon us. After 8 long years, PlayStation and Xbox fans will be able to upgrade their hardware to the next big things: Sony’s PS4 hits stores this Friday, November 15th and Microsoft’s Xbox One hit retail shelves next week on the 22nd. Following the heated criticism it received upon its initial reveal, Microsoft has done away with multiple aspects of The Xbox One. Although Microsoft seems to have learned its lesson, there is still much debate over which console will be superior. Soon, gamers can make the decisions themselves.

This Two for Tuesday, we’re highlighting some of the biggest pros and cons of the two new consoles before gamers make the investment.


PS4: Pros

Sony has had the luxury of watching its competitor struggle with its marketing efforts and flip-flopping its policies. One of the biggest pros they have is the reassurance that gamers will never have to worry about any problems with online requirements, used games or long term ownership. However, Sony’s latest system brings additional advantages to the table. The PS4 will have slightly more computing power than the Xbox One, despite its much smaller size (which comes as another advantage for the space-conscious consumer). The new PS4 controller features a touchpad that allows for quick access to the user interface, media and web applications. The new controller also has a “share” button that will make it a snap to upload gameplay videos directly to YouTube or stream live gameplay on Ubisoft’s UPlay online network. PS4 will also be compatible with the mobile gaming device, PS Vita, serving as a pseudo-tablet interface and media center. But most appealing, the PS4 only costs $400 (underselling Microsoft’s console by $100). Even though this is only possible due to Sony selling its version of the Kinect (PS4 Camera) separately, the price difference alone may be the decision factor for many console purchasers.

PS4: Cons

The PS4’s online service, PlayStation Network, will now require a subscription fee for online multiplayer matchmaking services (a service that was free for PS3 users). Increasing storage capabilities for the PS4 is also limited to replacing the current hard drive with a more expensive one instead of using external USB storage. Despite the PS4 being cheaper due to its PS4 Camera being sold separately, it may result in developers being discouraged from making games utilizing the Camera due to the fact that not every PS4 owner will have one. PS4 also lack an HDMI input for live television. If you are keen on making your next-gen videogame compatible with your cable service, the PS4 may not be the best option.


Xbox One: Pros

The Xbox One has several exciting new features unique to the console; many of which are based around the “Kinect” motion sensor that comes with the system. The Kinect responds to user’s voice and movements and can make television watching experience remote-free via a cable box hookup. Users can switch from playing videogames to watching TV to answering a Skype seamlessly and without delay. The One will also host a social networking feature that allows players to broadcast live gaming footage directly to Twitch TV, the popular online game streaming network. The new and improved Xbox Live online multiplayer service for the Xbox One will have an impressive 300,000 servers capable of hosting an incredible amount of online player matches making for fast, high quality connections which are unlikely to lag during playtime. Last but not least, the Microsoft Smart Glass tablet will be able to hookup wirelessly to the One, bridging the gap between tablet and console-based videogaming.

Xbox One: Cons

Although many of the cons since its initial reveal have been reversed, a few key concerns still worry gamers. One of the biggest issues is its expensive $500 retail price due to its mandatory bundle with the Kinect sensor. While some gamers like the Kinect, others see it as an unnecessary gimmick and would prefer using controllers their body. Since the NSA security controversy, many consumers are concerned that the government agency might be able to use the Kinect Camera to spy and gather information on Xbox One owners. However, perhaps one of the biggest reasons gamers are afraid to buy the Xbox One is the lack of trust in Microsoft. Many gamers worry that a year or two after release, Microsoft might switch back to their original, unpopular polices through a mandatory Xbox Live update.


With many advantages and a few disadvantages for each console, it will be a tough decision for many gamers. For more information on the PS4, Xbox One, and the already released Wii U, be sure to check out this comprehensive comparison chart displaying tech specs, feature differences, and more.


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