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Two for Tuesday: Two Stars Tapping into Latin America for Global Success

From population to spending power, Latin America is growing, and as Latin American countries become global powerhouses (and society continues striding towards a global culture), facets from American pop-culture, including music, are expanding to South America. This Two for Tuesday, we’re highlighting two stars that are making it big worldwide after expanding to Latin America.


Pitbull Latin AmericaArmando Christian Perez, better known by his performance name, Pitbull, “Mr. 305” or his self-proclaimed title, “Mr. Worldwide,” has managed to become not only an American sensation and a Latin American sensation, but a global phenomenon. Although Mr. Worldwide sounds like a bit of an exaggeration, he truly is worldwide. With numerous successes, including several number-one singles on Billboard Hot 100, numerous Latin and American music awards and features in film, television and video games, Pitbull ranks the charts as one of the most successful performers of all time.

So how did a Miami kid born to Cuban parents and fostered throughout his childhood lead a career into music and perform on a global level? He never strayed from his roots. Pitbull is a great example of a multicultural, bi-lingual artist; he has capitalized on his Latin heritage. Throughout his entire career, he’s based his music, lyrics and dance from his Latin upbringing. In 2010, Pitbull decided to further capitalize on his success by producing an entirely Spanish album, titled Armando. Through this album, he was able to reach the top 5 Latin Pop Billboard charts with his hit “Bon Bon.”

A true businessman, Pitbull never loses sight of his goals nor forgets his past, and he continues to take over the world through his tantalizing club beats, catchy hooks and exciting rhymes. Within his biography on his website, Pitbull is described as consummate professional as well as confident and charismatic—which sounds like the right attributes to become a global star, regardless of culture or background.

Selena Gomez
By Danielle Gordon

Our Space Selena Gomez Latin AmericaThe 21-year-old, Mexican-American, multi-platinum-selling singer and actress claimed success in the United States as the star of the hit Disney Channel series, The Wizards of Waverley Place. After establishing herself as an actress, Gomez branched out to music, and she sold more than 10 million singles in the U.S.

Continuing to expand her music career, the young star turned to Latin America to help launch her global career. After her first Latin American media tour, Selena said, “I felt so accepted. I went to the MTV Latin Awards last year and it was so much fun. I didn’t feel like people were looking at me or judging me.” She added, “I swear- there’s going to be a point where all I’m going to do is Latin award shows because they’re the only ones that are fun!” Unlike Pitbull, who has released Spanish albums, Gomez reaches Latin America primarily through English-language songs. After her Latin America tour last year, her album, When the Sun Goes Down (2011), went gold

Selena is making good on her promise to take her music around the world as she just finished the European leg of her three-continent Stars Dance tour which she kicked off at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, British Columbia. It’s safe to say that this Disney star has taken the right steps and route to expand her career within her music throughout the world.

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