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Two for Tuesday: Two Teen Choice Awards Speeches

We’ve all experienced the glory days of freedom without a lot of responsibility known as the teenage years. Teens have the time (and typically some sort of means) to become connoisseurs of all things pop culture (TV, film, music, Internet). Case in point, teens view an average of six films in theaters a year. Let’s put this into some context: ticket prices are at an all-time high in the U.S. at an average $8.38 per ticket (in Chicago, that actually sounds like a great price since I paid $11 for a ticket last weekend). Naturally, the demographic has an award show that reflects their exclusive opinions on who deserves recognition for being the greatest entertainers of the year: The Teen Choice Awards.

Teens ages 13 to 19 (aka advertiser’s goldmine) cast over 150 million votes for their favorite actors, movie, shows, bands and songs. Winners were revealed live at the award show on Sunday night. While ratings fell 10% for Fox’s Teen Choice Awards, the show did have a couple must-see moments, which not-so-coincidentally we’ll be highlighting for today’s Two for Tuesday.

Lea Michele

In her first public appearance since her boyfriend, Cory Monteith, passed last month, Lea Michele offered her fans a memorable speech. Upon accepting her award for Choice TV Actress in a Comedy, Michele dedicated her award to her late boyfriend and Glee co-star.



Ashton Kutcher

Chris Kutcher, or Ashton as he’s known, gave a funny and inspirational acceptance speech for the Ultimate Choice Award. Kutcher has won 16 Teen Choice Awards– in other words, generations of teens love the man. During his speech, he shared three truths he learned in his teens, back when his name was Chris: (1) opportunity looks a lot like hard work, (2) being smart, thoughtful and generous equates to sexiness—nothing else is sexy—and (3) build your own life, instead of just living one. The speech, coming from a 35-year-old doesn’t just resonate with teens.

For more on Kutcher’s award acceptance, click here.

Curious on who else the teens thought were worthy of the coveted surf boards? Check out the full list of winners.

Cover Photo Source: MrJEKIN85 via Wikimedia Commons

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