Two Holiday Ads for Tuesday

Two Holiday Ads for Tuesday

In the United States, avoiding the holiday spirit is impossible; as soon as the clocks strike midnight on Thanksgiving, the winter winds shift our focus towards the consumer-driven holidays. This Two-for-Tuesday, let’s take a look at two of this year’s noteworthy holiday ads. These spots artfully use music–a festive holiday time staple–to advertise their products.

KFC: The Taste that Unites

I, myself, have never participated in Black Friday shopping, but I’m sure there are people and families who are still recovering from this year’s corporate-sponsored Hunger Games. This KFC advertisement highlights our tradition to use food to bring us together during the holidays. Underlining Kentucky Fried Chicken as the taste that unites, this musical commercial shows how we can come together over our differences.

Kmart: Show your Joe



Kmart recently launched another commercial in the long string of semi-scandalous advertisements, Show Your Joe. Six men sporting tailored blazers and colorful Joe Boxers ring out the tune of “Jingle Bells.” These men jingling all the way made a big splash on social media, angering many, and sparking a protest from One Million Moms, as well as press coverage about the controversial ad. Reminding us that scandal and controversy sell, Kmart continues to ruffle feathers with its provocative ads.

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