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Two Must-See Movies

You know what they say about April showers… they’re the best time to catch a flick.

These days, Americans are more selective when it comes to viewing movies. People hold out on seeing films in the theaters (unless it’s the midnight premier of another long-awaited sequel), pass up DVD and/or Blu-Ray purchases and wait to stream films directly to their TVs via Netflix or On Demand. However, some films require the big screen in order for viewers to get the films’ full effects. This Two for Tuesday, we’re highlighting two must-see-in-the-theater movies.

 Jurassic Park 3D

Universal Studios released Steven Spielberg’s digitally remastered and 3D version of his 1993 sci-fi masterpiece on Blu-Ray and DVD today. However, home screens are just too small for the T-Rex and all her (the dinosaurs are all supposed to be women) freaky, prehistoric friends. The ensued chaos from resurrecting a species extinct for the past 65 million years of evolution in the midst of an island adventure land keeps the audience, as always, enthralled.  Jurassic Park’s cinematography, effects and score immerse viewers into the lost world like never before. In 3D, the island, the dinosaurs and the film in general are even more amazing and awe-inspiring than they were twenty years ago, and the same old story seems brand new.



Even sports dramas are worth trips to the theater. Jackie Robinson’s inspiring and eye-opening story moves even those viewers who hate sports films. 42 depicts how Jackie Robinson, the first African American Major League Baseball play (and arguably one of the greatest ball players who ever lived), forever influenced American culture. Robinson bravely blazed a trail for all talented African American athletes, whose abilities were over looked because of the color of their skin, to follow. The film takes the audience back to a time in American history when civil rights were denied to those of different races and shows how courage and baseball helped bridge the racial gap. This picture’s powerful message shouldn’t be stifled on a small screen—let it play on the majors.



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