Two Oscar Perspectives for Tuesday

Two days after the most magical night in Hollywood—yes, the one where you could see all the stars, plus Seth MacFarlane —and the country is still buzzing about the Oscars. From “We saw your boobs,” (really Seth?) to Oscar sweeping Jennifer Lawrence off her feet (the nice way of saying, she fell flat on her face), the Oscars were filled with memorable moments. This Two for Tuesday we’re breaking down the night into two categories: the five best moments and the five worst moments of the night.

The Best Moments:

 5. The Keep Up The Pace Award—Jaws Score

The musical themed Oscars inspired new “get the heck off stage” music. It seems that they no longer want to politely ask you to vacate the stage. Instead, they want to scare you off it (and any future winners whose speeches might be longer than 45 seconds). Bill Westenhofer, winner of Best Visual Effects for Life of Pi, became Jaws’s first victim when his speech went over. I guess prolonging your speech is like swimming at night, you’re just asking for trouble. Nicole Kidman said it right– Poor Thing.


4. The Turkey Award—Daniel Day-Lewis

Daniel Day-Lewis tied Meryl Streep’s Oscar record after turning down the roll of Margaret Thatcher in the Iron Lady. Well not so much that last part; but, Day-Lewis’s third Oscar acceptance speech contained the right amount of comedy and sincerity. Who knew Bill the Butcher had a sense of humor, or Abe Lincoln for that matter? However, my favorite part about the speech is how abruptly Streep announces his win (way to steal the show Meryl).



3. The Most Fantastically Awkward Moment Award—Mark Wahlberg Announces a Tie

When Ted and Mark Wahlberg took the stage to announce the awards for Best Sound Editing and Best Sound Mixing, handing out two awards was a given—but when Wahlberg announced a tie (making it three awards), he had to assure the audience he was serious. I haven’t seen someone so dumbfounded over a tie since Donovan McNabb when the Eagles tied the Bangles in 2010. Alas, Per Hallberk and Karen Baker Landers (Skyfall) as well as Paul N.J. Ottosson (Zero Dark Thirty) went home with Academy Awards for Best Sound Editing. Seriously.

2. The Best Speech Award—Ang Lee

“I thank my Lawyer… I have to do that.” Yes, Ang Lee may have made a movie about a tiger on a boat (to let you really know my thoughts on Life of Pi, I’ve been calling it Cast Away meets Madagascar, Siegfried and Roy)—but it was good enough to win him Best Director (cough—Ben Affleck wasn’t nominated—cough); however, Ang Lee, I thought, had the best speech of the night from a humble standpoint, from a genuine standpoint, and, yes, from a downright hilarious standpoint—so, “thanks movie God” for making that happen.



1. The Best Moment—Jennifer Lawrence Comes to the Oscars (it’s a process)

Okay, let’s first take a look at the situational irony involving Jennifer Lawrence’s dress. After being crowned Best Dressed by Twitter followers during ABC’s red carpet coverage, one would think that the dress would compliment her upon her acceptance, not steal her thunder as well as a part of her dignity (and become possibly the worst wardrobe woe of the night). So Jennifer was a little tripped up when she approached the stage, big deal. By far, my favorite Oscar moment was Jennifer Lawrence’s post-acceptance press interview. After recollecting herself and celebrating in the Green Room (taking a shot), she brushes off her fall with sarcasm and humor and saves her Oscar from an auction.



The Moments You Wished You Missed:

 By Nicole Hernandez 

Now that you’ve seen a glimpse of the good, take a look at what I call the bad, the ugly and the downright awful five worst Oscar moments of 2013.

5. Face Plant Save Award—Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence may not have needed any help from Hugh Jackman after almost face planting while tripping on her Dior Haute Couture gown going up the stairs to receive her best actress statuette for Silver Lining’s Playbook, but that dress was sure to cause some wreckage. It’s beautiful, but wearing a dress like that requires some work. Lift, hold and move. I must admit, she redeemed herself with a delightful speech right after.


4.Showbiz Award—Michelle Obama

We’re all used to actors presenting awards, but this year the award show put a twist to the mix. First lady, Michelle Obama made a virtual appearance when she announced the Best Picture, which was the film about a fake movie, “Argo”. It was nice, but is the First Lady a showbiz star now?



3. Hair-Do No-No Award—Lisa Westcott

Lisa Westcott, an English makeup artist, won the Oscar along with Julie Dartnell for Best Makeup and Hairstyling for Les Misérables. Could this look then be just an unfortunate coincidence? Because, it appears like Ms. Westcott took one minute to throw her hair up and hold it in place with chop sticks. Are those things still in? Last time I checked, I only used them to eat sushi. Perhaps she had the limo stop for some California rolls before the show.


2. Hit-or-Miss Award—Seth MacFarlane

This year’s newbie host tended to have hit-or-miss jokes. MacFarlane made reference to Django Unchained and then slipped in a rather controversial Chris Brown and Rihanna joke, making light of the couples violent past. Yes, it’s a “joke” that he may or may not have written himself, but I bet those gasps from the audience didn’t find humor. The “joke” is old, put it to rest – I’m sure it won’t be missed.


1. Fashion Fail Award—Anne Hathaway

I have one simple question: what was she thinking? I’m not sure if I agree with the statement Anne claimed her mom made about her wardrobe choice; “it’s business in front, party in the back.” In a last minute decision, Anne sported an unflattering “apron-like” dress by Prada for the big night. Just take a look at the front of it. “Business in front”? I would never consider wearing something like that for a “business” interview. It looks like it’s screaming, “hire me!” for other purposes. Or maybe she is attempting to allude to her Les Misérables character’s, Fantine, occupation. While she may have won an Academy Award for that performance, unfortunately for Anne, no one is going to want to applaud this dress. Too harsh?



Have any other best or worst Oscar moments to add to ours? Share them with us!

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