Creativity Over Content

Two For Tuesday: Creativity Over Content

In today’s advertising world, the most pervasive and well-known ads say little about the brand or product being promoted. Take the millions of Doritos Super Bowl commercials that are talked about for weeks and sometimes even months after they air. They never mention how good Doritos chips are or talk about the different flavors. They are just commercials filled with creativity and have a bag of Doritos featured on screen. Obviously the characters and their actions show the audiences that the characters love Doritos, but they don’t tell the audience much. Advertisements that are focused on content only tend to be forgotten and left in the rear-view mirror. Take that one commercial for example. You know, the one where the product was explained in detail and the narrator was speaking like an auctioneer—yeah me neither. In order to promote content in this day and age, you must first be creative.

This Two for Tuesday, take a look at a couple examples of great creative and content filled ads.

Go Beyond The Cover


From the music, the camera filters, the lighting, the tattoos and the model, everything about this Dermablend advertisement is captivating (and pretty freaky). From the moment the bald guy with piercings enters the screen until the moment the human skeleton smiles for the camera, I couldn’t stop watching. The video that has been shared millions of times and will ultimately continue to be shared for a long time because of the creativity involved in its production.


International W Hour



Not only did the Enemy Front gamers playing learn about the Warsaw Uprising, they told their friends and peers about it too. This has never been done before, and it may have just opened a new door into the advertising world. (For the sake of gamers everywhere, I sure hope advertisements don’t start popping up in the middle of online games). This ad is creative in how it is reaching people, but it is also sharing a tremendous amount of content.

Cover Photo Source: Twin Design

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