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Two For Tuesday: Two apps that will save your workflow

Sometimes working on big projects is really exciting and a great chance to flex those creative and analytical muscles. Other times, big tasks or a heap of responsibilities is more than daunting and requires a lot of plate spinning. In managing projects, technology can be a blessing and a curse; if your smartphone is as important an appendage to you as mine is to me, I’m sure you’ve learned that sometimes apps can help and sometimes they can distract you in the worst way. This Two For Tuesday, let’s take a look at two apps that can help you manage projects, no matter what your smartphone poison is.


Big projects can be very unnerving if there are several different steps to accomplishing a goal. 30/30 allows you to take bigger tasks and break them up into smaller, more manageable goals. After entering each small task and setting a time limit for each, 30/30 will help you stay on task for your defined period of time before you’re able to move on to the next. The task lists are easy to manage and organize, and it can turn working on big projects into a game against the clock, which will make time fly by, and mundane, huge tasks will seem much more fun.



Focus Lock

If you just can’t seem to put your phone down, whether you need to refresh your newsfeeds to see what you’re missing, or your push notifications from your friends and apps seem never ending, Focus Lock is for you. As explained in the video below, the app will lock whichever apps you choose (or your phone) for your specified amount of time, allowing you to work on your project uninterrupted. Cutting yourself off from technology for a few hours can be a good idea, especially if your phone is sending you unproductive vibrations.



Cover Photo: Alex James Bramwell

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