Two Brands Killing it on Vine

Two for Tuesday: Two Brands Killing it on Vine

Vine videos may last only six seconds, but companies are find the looping videos operate as effective marketing tools. In 2013, Dunkin’ Donuts launched the first Vine television ad, and since then many brands have gotten on board to use Vine as a fun, quick and pretty mesmerizing advertising medium; it is a good thing they are doing so, as a branded Vine is four times more likely to be seen than a branded video. This Two for Tuesday, take a look at two brands that are killing it on Vine.

General Electric

General Electric was one of the first brands on Vine, and in 2013, GE used the looping video site to create six-second science lessons (#6secondscience). These quick science lessons became widely popular among consumers, and GE used that popularity as an opportunity to create a user-generated campaign called #6secondscience fair. Individuals were encouraged to create science-themed videos of their own using Vine (as well as Twitter), and GE used Tumblr to house the Vines. In order to encourage creative and quality content, GE continued to make its own Vines as examples, and asked for the submissions of some well-known Vine “celebrities.” Even though GE did not include a prize element to this campaign, there were still over 300 submissions. Self-branded as an innovative company that’s always “imagining what’s next,” GE was able to creatively employ Vine to demonstrate this in a different way.



In 2013, consumers realized that Oreo cookies could be dunked in a glass of milk mess-free by using a fork thanks to the Internet. Inspired by this and other “food hacks,” Oreo started its own snack hack campaign (#OreoSnackHacks) on Vine. The brand demonstrated alternative ways consumers can enjoy the famous cookie, such as in popcorn, milkshakes and even coffee. The Vine videos were so popular that Oreo decided to take the snack hacks to YouTube, employing various food celebrities to invent dishes that involve the cookies in unique ways (Oreo chicken tenders, anyone?). Everyone loves the classic combination of Oreos and milk, but Oreo was able to use Vine and other forms of social media to give the brand a creative revitalization, changing the way consumers use the product.


Both General Electric and Oreo won a Shorty Industry Award for Best Brand on Vine in 2014.


Cover Photo Source: Brent Hofacker

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