Two Stand-Out CPG Brands in Latin America

Two for Tuesday: Two Stand-Out CPG Brands in Latin America

The average person uses Consumer Packaged Goods (CPGs) every day from food and beverages to clothing. But brands know all too well how easy consumers to switch between CPG brands; the CPG market is a highly saturated and competitive market. To stand out, brands must adapt to the ever-changing consumer landscape. For example, the middle class population of Latin America is growing, and many CPG brands are attempting to accommodate the developing wants and needs of this growing population sector. This Two for Tuesday, we will be looking at two stand-out CPG Brands in Latin America.


Superama is a popular high-end grocery store based in Mexico. Named one of the best retail brands of 2014 in Latin America by Interbrand, Superama commitments to excellent service and digital shopping experiences. With the promise that “Superama pampers you,” this grocery chain distinguishes itself from other brands by offering exceptional service, both in store and online. In store, Superama offers a wide variety of goods that are fresh and of high quality. The exceptional service of this brand expands into the digital realm as well. For example, this grocery chain is adapting to the on-the-go lifestyle of many of its customers by creating online shopping opportunities, such as a mobile shopping app. The app can connect to PayPal accounts, can scan barcodes and QR Codes and creates shopping list suggestions based on previous purchases. A perfect offering for an emerging middle class.


Natura is an eco-friendly cosmetic company that is based in Brazil. One of the most valuable retail companies in Brazil (as well as tenth on Forbes’s list of Innovative Companies in 2013), Natura is considered a top CPG brand because of the company’s clear brand proposition, consistent customer experience and innovative product research and development. A majority of Brazilians like when products are labeled as environmentally friendly but are not convinced to buy a product that comes with a lecture on sustainability. Natura influences customer behavior to be in line with beauty products by showing how the products benefit the customer. For example, Natura’s Natura Sou line is packaged in a squeezable pouch. This packaging reduces carbon dioxide emissions, but Natura emphasizes that the design means less product is wasted, which allows consumers to get more for their money. Additionally, Natura stays committed to their brand by being a sustainable and environmentally responsible company; the ingredients for the cosmetics come directly from the Amazon, and Natura is the only large cosmetic company that is carbon neutral.

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