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Wednesdays with Will: Fantastically Creative and Talented Fan Video

I don’t have to be in advertising to realize and value that producing a thirty-second spot is no easy feat, no matter the project. Perhaps being in the industry has given me a greater appreciation for homemade fan videos and trailer remakes.

While I have seen my fair share of fan films and parody skits online, this video by CineFix takes the cake. Naturally, I’m impressed to see so much detail and work put into this fan trailer, and it absolutely blows my mind that people make these trailers week after week.

Take a look at this homemade trailer of Iron Man 3 with a side by side comparison of the official trailer.

Absolute crazy!

Hope you enjoy.



Have you seen or made any fan films? Share them below.

Cover Photo Source: J. Ōta via Flickr

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