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Wednesdays With Will: The ’90s

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This inaugural episode begins with a topic near and dear to my heart–with a round-table discussion on the ’90s era and the nostalgia of growing up in that time. The discussions began with a brief introduction of the panel members and going right into a discussion on childhood. Where you grew up, what kind of activities made up your day as a child, and even going into the idea of kids today almost forfeiting the outdoors for gaming systems?

Check out the video to see what this young, opinionated panel recalled about growing up in the ’90s.



The one agreed upon childhood experience became known within the first 2 min of the discussion, Television shows! Nickolodoen was at its peak in the ’90s with fan favorites like “Are You Afraid Of The Dark”, “Rugrats”, and “GUTS.” The nostalgia of going back in time and reveling in the times of the past where life was as simple as deciding who was the red ranger and who was the blue. If there is one thing that the ’90s did extremely well (other than a large American surplus), it’s that the TV shows completely resonated with those that grew up on them. Television shows from the past are now popping up everywhere, from “Nick @ Night” showing “Ren And Stimpy” to the recently confirmed spin-off/ sequel to “Boy Meets World” (“Girl Meets World”).

Now the question is what era would you consider the best to grow up in? Could the ’90s be the golden era of childhood youth? Only time will tell.

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