WwW Tis The Season

Wednesdays with Will: ‘Tis the Season

Hello folks!

Happy holiday season to you all!

On this episode of Wednesdays with Will, I wanted to show a video that I came across recently. If there is one thing you tend to see around this time of year, it is a “year in review” posts and video. This one is a 2013 recap of what happened in cinema! When I saw this I was absolutely blown away–not only because of the great films that happened this year, but by how far our technology has come in creating these storytelling experiences. 2013 saw technological marvels like Gravity and Pacific Rim, as well as visceral and emotionally draining films like 12 Years a Slave and The Butler; there are not many similarities between theses four films aside from the immaculate quality of the visuals. You feel like you are flying into space or controlling a 60-foot robot! You see every tear drop sliding down the face of an actor! We live in a special time in cinema, where the previous ceiling for creativity and narrative has been lifted to an almost endless spectrum of possibility. Not only are the actual films impressive but look at this recap videos! Five years ago, this type of editing and quality of product would have taken years so complete!



Soon enough we will come to a world where real and effect will be almost impossible to tell the difference!

Watch out for HAL!

Cover Photo Source:  Fer Gregory

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