Weekend Box Office

Okay so only one of the movies in review here was viewed on the actual weekend.  But whatever…  The other one is the only one really worthy of being reviewed in my opinion, please let me know if you don’t share it.



Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted was painfully endured over this past weekend for the pleasure of my children.  I may be generous in offering that there were a couple of mildly humorous moments but truly, it was a little painful.  The first was hilarious, the second quite doable, but this one – ugh.  That’s all I can say… Ugh.

Thanks to a fabulous link called, I am going to make these movie entries, agency worthy, by sharing the dirty little, not so secret, of brand cameos in flicks.  This little dozy, which as of June 17 had grossed $95 M also had contributions made for its production by the following brands; AirbusCentral Park ZooCirque du SoleilDuane Reade,DucatiFerrariHPNew York Knicks …  Wow right?  Did you notice?  The Cirque reference was the only one that stood out to me, so very clever they are.  What do you think?


The other much more worthy of review movie I recently saw was The Avengers.  Probably largely due to being such a R.D. Jr. fan, I thought it was fantastic and look forward to the sequels with much more enthusiasm than Madagascar will ever muster from me again.  On the brand cameo side – The Avengers topped the animated animals with 20 different brands featured:  ABCAcuraaussieBumBoseCNNColantotteC-SPANDr. PepperFarmers InsuranceHarley-DavidsonJansportLG,MAC CosmeticsMSNBCNASANY1OraclePlantronicsRimowa,Southwest Airlines .

Did you see either of these movies?  Did you see other products that were missed by  Did you like either film?  Tell us your thoughts…

Cover Photo Source: SimonQ錫濛譙 via Flickr

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