What if Siri Had Sisters?

We have dreamt of this moment. We have wished it, thought it and some may have even prayed for it, and ladies and gentleman, it is finally here.

Talking robots that respond to complaints and act on command have been a phenomenon exclusive to the big screen and our imagination. And now, finally, after a lot of time spent with our fingers crossed and eyelids batting, our devices, our beloved, life-saving gadgets are finally taking a stand. They finally answer and act according to our immediate command – ohh the power!

Now that our iPhones are finally obedient, one can only imagine which of our devices will be, or rather, which of our devices we hope will be next.

Will our eReaders soon be reading to us? – Are our days of squinting to decipher tiny fonts and hovering under reading lights finally over?

Will our refrigerators become our very own talking dietitians? Imagine, scolding us when we eye the ice cream and praising us when we grab the bag of carrots instead?

Thanks, Siri. We are finally here — now what?

Cover Photo Source: Craighton Miller via Flickr

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