Wisdom.Applied Wednesday: 25,915

Wisdom.Applied Wednesday: 25,915

25,915: the average amount of days a human has to live. The amount of days to be young, grow old, be healthy. So what’s one sure way to stay healthy during your 25,915 days? Run!

Reebok’s new commercial, 25,915 Days, tells the story of one woman who exemplifies making the most of her days. The popular athletic footwear company commercial begins with an older woman running in a mud challenge, featuring a bold “3,412” next to her. Time flows backwards to then feature a slightly younger-looking woman competitively running into the water with “6,825” near her. The backwards sequence continues as the woman gets younger and younger, still running while the amount of days she has left increases. The advertisement ends with a newborn baby wrapped tightly in a blanket with a “25,915” next to her.

This commercial only subtly advertises Reebok shoes; instead, the commercial advertises the importance of health in a truly ephemeral life. It advocates for people of all ages to continue an active lifestyle, whether running in competitions, with friends, or solo. It is both realistic and optimistic, motivating both active and inactive people to chase the rest of their days.

Just like here at the agency, Reebok engages viewers’ minds before their wallets. Reebok’s commercial is fantastically inspiring as it seeks to give viewers the urge to put on their shoes and get out and run. It acknowledges that our days to do so are impermanent. And just hopefully, by feeling that urge to grab your sneaks, you’ll remember Reebok as the company that inspired you to do so next time you’re at the shoe store.

[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]Elizabeth is a Junior Executive Intern at SJG. She earned her BA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison this past May. Outside the office, she enjoys bike riding, listening to music, and hanging with friends and family.[/author_info] [/author]