Will You Take a Bite Out of This Apple?

Ever since Apple released the first iPad on April 3, 2010, I always wondered how it would feel to own one. I consider myself a tech savvy individual who stays on top of the latest trends, but I have been reluctant to actually go out and purchase a tablet. I would love to have a portable device with me at all times that can shoot videos, take photos, play music, send and receive emails and browse the web – then again, that’s what my iPhone is for, right? I can do just about everything that the iPad can do with my handy dandy phone.

Our Space iPad TabletThe recent release of the iPad 4 initially intrigued me; I was surprised by the cost and wondered how different it is from  previous versions. However, I feel okay about not ever purchasing an iPad, let alone buying an iPad 4 after reading that 45% of iPad owners are not happy with the timing of Apple’s new iPad 4. Apple released its latest tablet version only seven months after the debut of the iPad 3; I’m content with my decision to keep on waiting to make the purchase (but then again, with Christmas just around the corner, I may put it on my Santa list anyway).

A study by Toluna QuickSurveys found that iPad owners are upset about how soon the company launched the iPad 4 because it makes the iPad 3 seem outdated.

Half (50%) of iPad 3 owners say they were disgruntled about the launch of the iPad 4, followed by iPad 2 owners (45%) and first-generation iPad owners (40%).

Do you think Apple’s reputation has begun to spiral downhill?

Cover Photo Source: Mike Lau via Flickr
Photo Source 1: brett jordan via Flickr

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