Wisdom.Applied Wednesday: How to “Talk” with your Celeb-Crush

Wisdom.Applied Wednesday: How to “Talk” with your Celeb-Crush

You leave your favorite concert, head down, wishing you could walk up to that lead singer and ask for an autograph. You wish you could sit that vocal prodigy down and ask questions about the glorified, star-studded lifestyle, asking where their songs draw inspiration from, where their favorite place to perform is…

As if Facebook read your pleas and desires, Facebook makes the “talking” part possible with Live. Live is a recent addition to the popular social media hub which allows for people to live stream themselves while others watch.

So far, Facebook has specifically tailored Live to celebrities. The social media site hopes that by marketing the tool to “famous people,” Live will gain increased exposure through the celebrity’s extensive following network.

Live… will show up in your News Feed if a celebrity you follow decides to live stream,” Mashable explains. “You can like, comment on or share the video while viewing a stream.”

By allowing users to comment in the text box of a celebrity’s live streaming video, Facebook users are given the opportunity to ask questions, hoping that the streamer will select theirs to answer on the spot. Celebrities such as Michael Phelps, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Michael Buble, Serena Williams, and even the recent America’s Got Talent star Grace Vanderwall have all engaged in Live.

Live streaming video is a marketing tool that is hot right now across the web, so Facebook has strategically hopped on the trendy bandwagon. Marketing campaigns such as “Live@YVR” have seen great success from this strategy. Give it a try—when an opportunity arises, integrate live streaming video into your marketing campaigns and see what success it can bring!

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