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Wisdom.Applied Wednesday: When Entertainers meet Advertisements

This is one of those articles that starts as one thing and completely lands somewhere else, so just be warned.

It is Wisdom.Applied Wednesday, and my topic is Entertainment. I don’t know about you, but as a writer I like a few boundaries. Even within those boundaries, there is plenty to get sidetracked with.

I was discussing this idea of Wisdom.Applied with George–it is his tagline, after all. You can be sure, the man has A LOT of wisdom. I asked him what his thoughts are about product placement in awards shows, reality TV, video games, etc.

“A personality showcasing a brand means the trust and credibility of the person is transferred to the product, translating to immediate record sales. A product is given preference by the consumer when they associate it with a beloved or trusted TV personality,” he said.

Of course you know what Oprah’s stamp of approval does to a product’s sales. She creates brand loyalty, adds trustworthiness.

Take a look at some of these vintage ads and be afraid. You will find these ads to be grossly offensive. At least I hope you do…

I just went through them again… Bile rising in the back of my throat.

How’d you like the one with the Doc selling cigarettes? Now, fast forward 70 years to today when you see the “Doctors of All,” the pharma companies, selling their elixirs on TV every night. Doc is willing to write you a prescription for anything that ails you. It might just help him win a trip to Hawaii. Like sheep, we take the pill recommended by the doctors to solve the problem created by the foods we are being offered and the environment of chaos we are creating. And you better hope you don’t get too sick–because, you know, insurance… You just never know how that’s going to pan out. You could probably get your sparse eyelash treatment covered… But your cancer drugs… Not sure, ma’am we’ll have to check into that. Luckily Brooke Shields is representing the brand to regrow your eyelashes– so that’s a relief…



Cover Photo Source: RetroClipArt

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